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In developing the collective employee morale, On November, 16, 2014 (Sunday), our employees, in a coalition with other Sinopec organizations in Hong Kong, formed the Sinopec Hong Kong team to participate in the Sixth Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association Athletic Games, held in Wan Chai Sports Ground,competing with more than twenty other Hong Kong-based Chinese enterprises.

Figure 1:Participate in the opening ceremony as part of Sinopec Hong Kong Team

At the opening ceremony, comprised of thirtysix Sinopec team members, under the guidance of Sinopec banner, as the broadcast introduced Sinopec’s brilliant performance, the team synchronously marched, with vibrant, full energy, into the arena, and was warmly applauded by guests and audienceon the podium.

Figure 2: KANTONS staff together with the fully embodies team cohesion

At the Athletic Games this year, Sinopec’s Hong Kong companies sent a number of representatives to participate in several competitions, athletes worked hard and strived to perform at their peak. In addition to intense competitions, the committee also organized severalcompetitive games.Our employees actively involved, cooperated with each other, and greatly enhanced the employees’ sense of belonging within Sinopec.

Figure 3: Employees united across Sinopec dedicated to improving health

In recent years, the company actively accelerated business development, and while achievingsuperior operating results, as Chinese enterprises, also actively participated in various activities organized by the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, to constantly enhance Sinopec’s brand image and social status in Hong Kong. Through this HKCEA Athletic Games, our company not only deepened the employee's collective sense of honor, team cohesion, but also fully demonstrated our unity, hard work, and caring for society, exhibitingChinese enterprise in Hong Kong’sexcellent spirit.

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