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HSSE Policy and Commitment:
As a responsible company, Sinopec Kantons takes Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) seriously as they form integral parts of our business and development. HSSE is critical to organization's corporate social responsibilities.

In order to prevent accidents, injuries, occupational illness and to protect environment as well as supporting sustainable development objectives, HSSE Policy and Commitment have been reviewed by the senior executive team and signed by GM.

To make our HSSE management visible and gain support from shareholders and stakeholders, we will:

1. Pay serious attention on requirements and suggestions from clients, shareholders and stakeholders;

2. Insist on “Safety First”, “People Oriented”, “Environmental Friendly”, “Sustainable Growth”, “Everyone Has a Responsibility” as guiding principles to our business activities;

3. Regard employees as key assets, regard their occupational health and safety as priority, regard professional training as major means for better HSSE performance;

4. Establish HSSE managing system in Sinopec Kantons and its subsidiaries depending on appropriate structure design, clearly defined roles, professional staffs, and other methods.

5. Emphasize the importance of HSSE in business activities, ensure that HSSE responsibilities are clearly defined in joint ventures and implemented in a satisfactory manners;

6. Ensure HSSE management being involved in whole life cycle of projects, which includes feasibility study, design, construction, operation, decommissioning to minimize negative effects and impacts;

7. Adopt appropriate international standards where applicable and fully comply with local laws and regulations in all business operations with a view to improve HSSE performance on continuous basis.

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