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HSE Policy and Commitment:

As a responsible enterprise, Sinopec Kantons Holdings Limited has always highly regarded the importance to HSE work in our development. We strongly adhere to the people-oriented, safety first, prevention-focus and integrated management” principle, and strives to pursue the goal of  zero harm, zeropollution, zero accidents”.

To prevent accidents, achieve sustainable development and safe guard the rights and interests of our shareholders and stakeholders, all our seniormanagement participates in developing the HSE Policies and Commitments that is duly signed by our General Manager. The Policies and Commitments are declaredas follows:

1. We abide all laws and regulations, respect all local cultures andmaintain a consistent HSE approach on all business fronts wherever we operateour business;

2. We care for people life and health, and protection of ecological environment. We always adhere to zero tolerance for any violations, and pursuethe goals ofzero harm, zero pollution, zero accidents”;

3. We implement the green and clean environmental strategy to provide green, clean and high-quality products and services to our society;

4. We provide professional people, materials and financial resources to ensure we can achieve our goals;

5. We publish our Environmental, Social and Governance Report to the public regularly, pay attention to the concerns of our investors, customers, contractors and other stakeholders, and proactively accept supervision from the public to achieve sustainable improvement.

1. Compliance and Whistleblowing Policy
2. Compliance Guidelines on Anti-Corruption and Commercial Bribery
3. Suppliers Code of Conduct
4. Biodiversity Policy
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