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Figure 1: Sinopec Kantons Received One Champion and Double Gold Awards

On Tuesday February 10, 2015, the Take a “Brake” awards ceremony, organized by Friends of the Earth, was held in Central, Hong Kong. Our Company advocated employees’ health and green driving habits, outcompeted 54 participating organizations, and won three awards issued by the organizing institution: "Most Significant Fuel Consumption Saver Champion", "Gold Tier Fuel Efficiency Improvement" and "Gold-Tier Fuel Consumption Saver". In recognition of advanced and energy saving ideas, the organizer provided publicity and coverage of the event and its award recipients in a full-page publication in Hong Kong mainstream newspapers "South China Morning Post" and "Ming Pao" on February 13th, 2015.

Figure 2: Staff representative from Sinopec Kantons at the Awards Ceremony

In the second half of 2014, Company drivers participated in and supported the Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme 2014’s Take a “Brake” program organized by Friends of the Earth. This scheme encourages the public to reduce driving and promote green driving habits, while promoting low-carbon practices. According to odometer readings and fuel consumption records, the Company saved a total of 155 liters of gasoline over a month in the second half of 2014, making significant strides and contributions to improve Hong Kong’s overall air quality and environment.

Figure 3: Ming Pao and South China Morning Post’s coverage of the event and its award recipients

Take a “Brake” Low Carbon Action - Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme aims to encourage corporate drivers and driving employees, through proper vehicle maintenance and green driving habits, reduce fuel consumption, and urged other employees to be more environmental conscious in daily life, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the climate through energy saving habits.

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