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Sinopec Kantons Holdings Limited (“Sinopec Kantons” or the “Company”) has been awarded the Caring Company” logo for the first time by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. It marks the public recognition of the Company's dedicated efforts to care for the community, employees and the environment in the past.

As a listed red-chip company deeply rooted in Hong Kong for years, Sinopec Kantons is committed to the " people-centric" approach and has made vigorous efforts to give back to the society and to integrate its development into the whole society.In recent years, the Company has actively participated in the “Best with You”youth and child development subsidy programme initiated by Sinopec. It has regularly organized the staff to clean up beaches and parks, cooperated with local universities to launch the Sinopec “Cleaner Energy Better Life” Outstanding Student Award Scheme, and organized visits to nursing homes and elderly centres. Moreover, the Company has made continuing efforts to create a caring and inclusive working environment for employees, providing them good training, career ladder and salary and benefits, etc.

In the future, Sinopec Kantons will continue to fulfill its responsibilities as a state-owned enterprise in Hong Kong. While expanding businesses and striving hard to create greater values, the Company will continue to fulfill the corporate social responsibilities and work together with all walks of life in the society to promote the sustainable development of Hong Kong.

Launched by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the “Caring Company Scheme” is aimed to foster strategic partnerships between the business and social services sector topromote good corporate citizenship and create a more inclusive society.

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