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Vesta Terminals B.V. (「Vesta Terminals」)is a limited liability company incorporated in the Netherlands. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sinomart KTS Development, Sinopec Kantons holds 50% equity share in the company. Vesta Terminals mainly engages in the operation of bulk liquid storage terminals with approximately 1.62 million m3 of storage capacity in Europe, and provides its customers with logistics services including tailor-made services such as blending and heating according to customer’s specific requirements. The company currently owns and operates three storage terminals for petroleum products and biofuels in North-Western Europe in the ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) and Baltic regions, with a terminal in Antwerp, Belgium (Vesta Terminal Antwerp), a terminal in Flushing, the Netherlands (Vesta Terminal Flushing) and a terminal in Tallinn, Estonia (Vesta Terminal Tallinn).

The region of Antwerp where Vesta Terminal Antwerp located is in the refining and trading hub of Europe, with the hinterland it served covering 60% of the European petrochemical markets. Vesta Terminal Antwerp offers connectivity of sea, road, railway and pipeline. It owns 65 storage tanks with a total of 934,000 m3 storage capacity. The individual tanks range from 1000 m3 to 32,500 m3 and the products it stored include gasoline, diesel oil, naphtha, gas condensate, fuel oil and biodiesel. The terminal has five berths with the largest one can accommodate vessels that have a maximum displacement of 160,000 tons.

Vesta Terminal Flushing is situated at the mouth of Scheldt river (which flows through northern France, western Belgium and the southwestern Netherlands), linking the port of Antwerp-the third largest port in Europe-with North Sea. The facility offers connectivity of sea, road, railway and pipeline. VTF has 27 tanks of 388,000 m3 in total (with individual tanks range from 1000 m3 to 32,000 m3); including 12 tanks with heating function, in which 2 tanks also have blending function. The products it stores include diesel oil, biodiesel and fuel oil. There are 4 berths in the port, of which the largest one can accommodate vessels that have a maximum displacement of 63,000 tons.

Vesta Terminal Tallinn locates in the Port of Muuga at the center of Baltic Sea. It owns 35 tanks ranging from 3000 m3 to 30,000 m3 with a total of 405,600 m3 storage capacity, of which 316,000 m3 has heating function. The average tank age is 10 years and the products it stores include crude oil and fuel oil. The terminal’s facilities include five berths among which, the largest one has a draft of 18 meters and two can accommodate VLCC.

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