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Rizhao Shihua Crude Oil Terminal Company Ltd. (Rizhao Shihua) was established as a limited liability company in June 2010 in the PRC and then transferred into a Sino-foreign Joint Venture in October 2012. Rizhao Shihua is held as to 50% by Sinopec KTS Development, a subsidiary of Sinopec Kantons.

The Port of Rizhao where Rizhao Shihua situated is an emerging coastal port with great development potential. The port sits in the middle of the coastline of China, faces Japan, South Korea and North Korea across the sea and closes to Yangtze River Delta. It is an important port linking domestic trade with foreign trade. The port enjoys sound natural conditions such as ice-free deep water with wide opening and mild climate.

Boasting three 300,000-ton crude oil berth and other supporting facilities, Rizhao Shihua mainly renders crude oil loading and unloading services with design total throughput of 56 million tons per year.

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