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PT. West Point Terminal(「PWT」)was established in Indonesia in January 2012. The Company held 95% equity in PWT through Sinomart KTS Development, a subsidiary of the Company. The business purpose of PWT is to develop, manage and operate an oil storage and oil blending complex and the supporting quay and port facilities with total capacity of 2,600,000 m3, and undertake waterway-dredging in the West Point Maritime Industrial Park, Batam Island, Indonesia.

The project locates in the southwest part of the West Point industrial estate of the northwest part of Batam Island, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia, covering approximately 75 hectares. It is 12 nautical miles to Singapore’s Jurong refining base and 3 nautical miles to the principle channel (i.e. the channel of the Strait of Malacca) of the high sea. The project is standing within the range of Pan-Singapore oil products trading zone; moreover,the Batam Island at which it locates is the “free trade port zone” of Indonesia with its hinterland covering Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and Middle East markets. All these bestow upon the project superior geographical and natural conditions, making it an ideal place for conducting oil storage and terminal business.

The total planned investment for the project was USD 841 million. Once completed, the project will have storage facilities of a total 2.6 million m3 capacity; nine quays, including one of 300,000 tons capacity, one of 150,000 tons capacity, two of 100,000 tons capacity, one of 20,000 tons capacity, three of 10,000 tons capacity and one of 5,000 tons capacity. The design annual throughput is 50.56 million tons.

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