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Huade Petrochemical Co., Ltd (Huade Petrochemical) was established in January 1994. Sinopec Kantons (the Company) holds 100% share interests in Huade Petrochemical through Kantons International Investment Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. The business of Huade Petrochemical covers the storage, transportation and transfer of crude oil, heavy oil and oil products, as well as the operation of oil bonded warehouses. Currently, Huade Petrochemical mainly engages in the unloading, storage and transportation of crude oil for Sinopec Guangzhou Company.

Located on the Ma Bianzhou Island of Daya Bay in Hui Zhou city, Guang Dong Province, The terminal of Huade Petrochemical is the largest deep-water wharf of South China. What’s more, the Daya Bay is a fortunate combination of geographical and shipping conditions, such as proximity to Hong Kong, Macau and Pearl River Delta area, superior water depth and width condition as well as safety basin.

Huade Petrochemical has two berths, among which one has a capacity of 150 thousand tons and another 300 thousand tons, with supporting storage facilities of 1,110,000 m3 capacity (of which 300,000 m3 is for bonded oil ) and annual throughput of 30 million tons. Huade Petrochemical also has a 174-kilometer-long crude oil trunk line which is 610mm in diameter.

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